Anyone knows where i can download some textures/bumps to use in keyshot for instance? Would be good to know some site to download hdris too

I know we can create textures in photoshop but would be good to have a nice library of this maps in order to have good quality renders, with fine details.

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although quite expensive - Ive found the best textures for rendering are from Arroway -
They've got about every wood texture under the sun and many others.

Hi Ricardo go to Robert Voogt profile and in there he has a link to his own web site were he has took the time to make a list of various other web sites that has HDRI's and I am sure he will have sites for textures on there aslo.....

yeah, a bit expensive but it seems nice textures
And do you know where i can get some textures for degradation of material, like scratches textures?

Thx a lot ;)

You can try Download FREE 3D Texture maps and materials