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are there no tutorials for 'how to make an engine part 21'?

By theophilus nutsuglo on 29 Dec 08:56 7 answers 1 comment

i want tutorials for "how to make an engine part 21"

7 answers

  • Qinnong Li
    Qinnong Li over 1 year ago

    Did you manage to find it at last? I encountered the same problem as you.

  • Jakob Andersson
    Jakob Andersson over 1 year ago

    After 20 tutorial, now we will begin to generate our V12 engine.

    Assembly 1

    Step 1

    open new assembly document

    Step 2

    click on browse button and find your crankcase

    Step 3

    click on insert new compaoent button and find your crankshaft

    Step 4

    use matte command and click on blue surface

    Step 5

    after, click on this surface. they will be contentric

    Step 6

    confirm that

    Step 7

    click on blue surface for add matte

    Step 8

    click on shown surface and select distance option. enter 2,5mm volues

  • firat gökçin
    firat gökçin 11 months ago

    well your part 21 seems to be broken can you put again i have 2 days to complete this engine if you can answer in 2 days it would be great (this a 4 years old tutorial i know but...)

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