Assembly design table?

I have a family of identical products but is different in size. Is exist a possibility that I have one assembly in which I can store all parts with same name of configuration ?

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To clear a task.
Suppose that you have a part vith configurations named VKxxx, Next part is have another name but same configurations named VKxxx and so on. Assembly what i will to create has unique name "Family of XXX" which contains a configurations named VK001 where is all parts with configurations named VK001, next assembly configuration is VK002, same is with a part configurations named VK002, and to the end suppose a last assy configuration is VK203, which is consisted of parts configurations named VK203. That I call Family line of product and all is one file , we can call it MASTER . I tried similar task before on SW2007 but unsuccessfully.

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From what I understood, yes it's possible.
See this if this is what you want.

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