assembly drawing

does anyone know what is this ,or how to make it a 3D model using inventor , it is confusing to me and am still a beginner so i hope someone could help

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Looks like a metering valve of sorts. There are literally hundreds of designs of this type, but that should get you looking in the right direction.

Good luck.

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Please clarify what you are confused about. Is it the sketch or how to model it in inventor?

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!. Its a safety valve.
2. Scale your drawing to the dimensions provided.
3. Model your 17+ parts as single parts then place them in a assembly file using constraints. Done.
4 do you require help doing this ?

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Ok what you have to imagine is that the Drawing has been split down the middle cutting the parts in reconstruct them you have to trace the Part and then revolve the sketch around a middle axis. I have placed the part No 6 as in the drawing showing you how to do this. you need to practice doing this with other parts. Also I would recommend that you use YouTube to find out other methods you need to complete Safety valve.

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