Automatic extremum in CATIA V5 using split

Hi everyone,

I'm dealing with an issue that I need help with, hopefully someone can help solve this.

Here's the situation:
-In the attached image is an ejector that has been split using the Split Component.

Here's my problem
I need to, automatically, create an extremum (in the image I've called it Point-Min) that goes from the extremum (Min) of the split intersection to the XY Plane;

What i've done so far:
-Because I could use the PartBody I've created a line and extremums (X,Y,Z) that goes from the extremum (Max) of the split intersection to the XY Plane; This will serve other purposes.

Here is my ideal solution:
-Since I have a rule and reaction in place that (among other things) allows the activation of the extremums, I would, create other extremums and respective line accordingly.

Is it possible to create my missing extremums and line?
I've read through several forums and threads but I can't seem to go any further on my own.

I'm using CATIA V5, SP6, B24.

Thanks in advance,

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if i get it correct, you can solve it like this.

boundry + intersection (XY) + Keep element using Near + Point (pre created that you need)

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if you upload your file, we will understand better.

Ah, sorry my bad. i mean stp or iges. because your catia release higher than R19.

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please find detailed explanation of the issue, accompanying images and requested stp:
there is a part that the user is going to split the ejectors with
the user inserts, in the correct position via Mold Tooling Design, as many ejectors as required (i'm going to use one to simplify the matter, further explain the issue i'm dealing with and show in detail what i've done so far). Because the ejector is parameterized the user can choose a desired length and diameter (i'm choosing one manually although with a catalog this will not be done unless required)
the ejector is split, via the split component. several things happened:
2 geometrical set have been created:
1st - "external references" with the result of the ejector split
2nd - "Geometrical Set.4" with a BaseBody Line leading to the result of the ejector split
(i initially requested help to create 2 points to determine the Max and Min, both in x,y,z.)
i have managed to accomplish the Max: using the rule "ejector length adjustment" and reaction "ejector length adjustment" 3 extremums (x,y,z) and a line that were previously created activate when a set parameter is changed, automatically giving me the length of the line and adjusting the actual ejector to the closest superior one to the line's length.
therefore i need to automatically create:
1st - the Min (i manually created it "Extremum.5" to show the desired position in this example at the actual geometrical spot).
2nd - measure from the Min to the Base, i manually created a plane "Plane.3", line "Line.4" and have measured it.
3rd - alter the DrillHole that is currently from the BaseBody Line to the newly created line.

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