Big model in different formats?


I'd like to benchmark the time taken by different programs to open a file.
I need to download any model that exist in several different formats.
For example any big +50MB SW, NX, Creo and Inventor or Ironcad file. It must be the same model in all the formats.
I would prefer assemblies with moving parts.
Could you tell me where to find it, please?
The search function doesn't allow to specify the size nor the format.

I know there are many models on step, iges or stl but these are not platform-native formats and it could happen than a program is not optimized to import these files but work really fast with its own format.

I know that though the model looks the same internally they could have been made or represented in different ways.


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I don't think you'll find such a thing here, especially at that size.
Unless someone is willing to make it for you, even then it's hard to get good results since every software processes features differently.

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Thanks, I'll try at 3dcontentcentral, though they only have boring screws and bolts

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I always find it interesting when different CAD platforms are compared to each other. For example I made a video comparing the imported file healing capabilities between different CADs, here's the link if anyone is interested:

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