Bolt calculation

Hi, I need some help calculating the shear on bolts for a project.

What type, grade and how many do I need? All in Metric please.

See attached drawing.
Force is 3295 kN marked with an arrow
Dimension of the plate is 1200x1000x48 mm (steel)
The red doted holes are for the bolts.

I hope this is not a big job...

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Hi Driton, There is not enough information in your question to have the correct answer.

You will have to tell what type of steel it is, also what is this plate getting attached to as that can have an effect on the over all answer. What is the plate for as then you will need to bring F.O.S into the equation and also the what you are willing to pay for the cost of the bolts all this comes into the design.

I have attached a sheet with the workings on it and took it as a ( 4.8 ) with F.O.S @ ( 1.2 ) and DIA - 5 mm. I have also 2 charts relating to information for bolts that I took the information required.

It has been done as a rough guide so you know how to do the calculations when you get the relevant information required to solve your problem

I hope this helps you a little with your problem, Good luck :)

Answered with a tutorial:

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@william:for safe design calculation you should take core dia=D*0.84=4.2=M6(from table)
so when you solve i'm getting shear stress on bolt as 237.83N/mm^2.see the difference

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you use a mechsoft for solidwork to calculate.

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First of all thank you for the time spent on helping me here.

Sorry for not giving all info...not used to do these things.

Steel type:
S355K2G3, both the plate in my picture and the plate it will be attached to.

The weight on the plate would be approx 52000 kg

You mentioned the price there william, as cheap as it can be. :)

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You should have a look in Euro Code in Steel structures section... you will find there bolt calculations formulas and stuff , how many holes needed in the plate / beam and so on good luck

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