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I take fasteners from the Toolbox sometimes and modify them to suit my need, the problem is that even that I saved the fasteners as different parts somewhere else, SolidWorks always revert back to the original ones from the Toolbox.
That raises another concern, if I were to send these to someone else, the fasteners won't have the proper measurements and they will show the wrong part names in the bill of material.
I tried the Set Document Property (sldsetdocprop.exe), didn't work; deleted mate references and equations, didn't work; turned off default search location for Toolbox, works on this machine but it won't if it's turned on on another.
Thanks in advance.

Edit: I added screen shots and the file if you would like to try for yourself.
First shot, part modified with additional holes, saved as and put in an assembly. Second, checked the setting before re-opening (the receiver of the assembly may have it checked on their machine) . Third, the part missing. Fourth, the holes are gone.
And if you click Save next, you'll have all your fasteners replaced and you'll have to do them again.

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If you are just interested in removing the toolbox flag from existing parts their is a tool in your solidworks install to accomplish this sldsetdocprop.exe will allow you to add and remove flags one file at a time. It should be located:
C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\Toolbox\data utilities

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This method isn't the most convenient or efficient, but show the solid bodies folder in the toolbox part file and right click on the solid body (in the folder) and insert into new part. You lose the feature history, but can send the files without issues. Also once you create the new part right click on the Stock feature and use list external refs to break all references, if you are forwarding the part along.

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