Break Sketch pattern without deleting elements ?

Is there anyway to break a sketched pattern without deleting all the elements? CATIA has this feature where you can pattern something, then break the relationship of this pattern so you can edit the components as individuals. It seems the only option in Inventor is to delete the pattern or suppress individual components. I just want to pattern a line equally spaced 20 times then trim those lines to a bisecting one. Its annoying to have to draw and constrain all the lines to create a pattern

I have not found a simple way to do this in Inventor and I'm hoping someone knows how.

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1 Answer

You can right click on one of your patterned lined and then choose Edit Pattern to modify your sketch pattern, Then click the >> button in the lower right hand corner of the dialog box. Then uncheck the Associative checkbox. This will make them individual objects that can be trimmed. But they'll likely need to be dimensioned in place afterward.

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