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I download this part from tracepart while looking for a Nipple 1 1/4 BSPP according to ISO 228-1 G . But this part is BSPT (taper) versus BSPP (paralleled).
How can I get it done according to ISO 228-1 G?
Is there a selection into SW hole wizard to create a real thread (not a cosmetic one) that match the ISO 228G? Witch one?


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New versions of SolidWorks have a "thread wizard". I would not suggest using it to make an accurate thread that you plan to machine. IF you put time into modifying the stock templates, and making sure all of the tolerances are correct, then the tool can be helpful, but you'd have spent so long fixing the "wizard", that you may as well just model the thread unless it is something you find yourself doing often.

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As per FredSWUG advice, I model the thread according to the specification attached.
Can a thread expert, confirmed that my model match the BSPP ISO 228-1 G?
I cannot find any information regarding the wall thickness, so I went for 2.94mm wall.
Thanks for your feedback.

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