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Buggy frame chassis..

By Svein Ivar Furø Løvold on 03 Jun 11:06 3 answers 4 comments

Hey, we are two youth of 16 years old we want to weld and build a buggy. we are using MAG as welding ,but the right material would be hard to find that can withstand high weight. Round pipes or cube pipes which we have chosen and we know that round pipes are the standard material for buggy´s, but we need dimension for the round and cube pipes and what´s recommended to use.

Otherwise we want to make a street legal buggy and we need help with brake system, wheels, steering wheel attachment to contact the wheels and speedometer placement, front light, right left blink lights.

Motor we have decided to choose Yamaha FJ1100 engine it´s 84 model or Suzuki GS850G, but we need measurements for engine bracket to attach.

If someone could help us draw the chassis that will help us have a enjoyable summer. We don´t have knowledge to bend the pipes carefully to the degrees it gonna need.. So we uploaded our first drawing of the under frame and a example of a buggy that have been already built by another guy from the internet.

Best regards
Svein and Tim

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3 answers

  • FredSWUG
    FredSWUG 5 months ago

    Not to discourage the project, but have you considered obtaining plans for an existing buggy?
    This is the first site that came up in a search, and they seem to have several designs similar to the one depicted in your photo:

    For $50, they have (hopefully) already worked out most of the questions relating to brakes, lights, steering, and suspensions, as well as the mounting of the engine, size, shape, and positioning of the tubing, and a number of other factors.

    Given the short timeline (Summer), I'd go for the plans and build a buggy based on them. Once you have that experience, you could make changes and improvements to the design, and build an improved model as a second project.

  • Svein Ivar  Furø Løvold
    Svein Ivar Furø Løvold 5 months ago

    We used Fusion 360 for drawing in 3d...

  • shaun farmer
    shaun farmer 3 days ago

    we are building a buggy next month
    contact me on face book
    i will share the drawings and progress with you
    my name is shaun farmer

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