Can any one give me tutorial for motion simulation in ug nx

Tell me the tutorial for Motion Simulation in ug nx

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go to my profile you can see some motion files

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There's also one motion simulation in my profile, made in NX 9.0.
NX 9.0 Motion Simulation - Car Suspension

Basically what you have to do is define Links which means a moving body. Then you have to define Joints which are basically like assembly constraints and allow the model to move according to the constraints/Joints. The movement and friction for example can be defined in Joint, there are tabs "Friction" and "Driver".

One of the best things in NX Motion Simulation is that it defines automatically the Links and Joints from the assembly. Assembly parts are converted into Links and assembly constraints are converted into Joints. So if you got the assembly right, there's really little work to turn it into a motion simulation model.

And one more thing. If you aim to simulate a mechanism with specific information of it's features then use Motion Simulation. But if you simulate a complete machine moving in it's environment for example, then use Mechatronics Concept Designer.

Suspension simulation was done in Motion Simulation where I can get very specific information of the simulation data like forces that are applied to different parts etc. But this robot simulation that I'm working on is done in Mechatronics Concept Designer which suits this kind of simulation better.

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When should we choose "motion simulation" and when "mechanotronics"?

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