Can i convert 3d max file (.max) file to step or solidworks file?

conversion from .max to STEP file

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We have exactly this Problem.
Our Project Design for mechanical Engineering is done in cinema4D because this is extremely fast, especially for animations.
For Detail Engineering we use Inventor. We tried many ways to Export the design-data from c4d to Inventor, we never suceeded. It worked via 3dsmax (IGs) but files were much to big. Same thing via UG.
Recently we heard about Leios (used to convert 3d scanned objs to CAD files), but the demo version does not allow exports so we have no results yet.

Try Meshlab ope source software. Still I agree with all of you, MESH are crazy for modeling, We love NURBS

u can convert it as iges.

Try this: you need to create a login it but is really nice to have

If your file vas created in max with meshes you cann not export in to IGES file format because IGES is NURB based file format. But eny time you can export to mesh based file format such as STL, OBJ, and simmilar ... But that means that for further work in proe, rino, catia, unigraphics ..... You will ned to do reverse engineering of that mesh data. But for renderings mesh data formats are excellent if they are good quality. Be careful when exporting to mesh data that angle control and coordinate height is small as possible. From my expirience the best result is when you use rhinoceros as file converter betven max and other cad softwares. Rhinoceros handles mesh and nurb based files very welll.

is there any converter for it ?

u dont need a convertor program export it with igs ..3dmax has it