Can I explode blocks within blocks in Autocad with one command??

Hi all,

I have a 3D model in Autocad composed of several solids (as an assembly) which are grouped using blocks and then grouped again with another block. Ending with blocks within blocks.

In order to select an individual solid, I can use the explode command and explode the "first level" block and then keep picking and exploding the internal blocks until I get to the solid I need to select, which is very painful to do with large assemblies...

I'm wondering if there is a command that allows me to explode once from the first level block and explodes all the blocks within automatically, leaving the individual solids.

Any help will be highly appreciated!!


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2 Answers

Hello My friend
You can use (XCopy) Command
then select your destination element

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Thanks Said, but I tried typing the Xcopy command and it says unknown command. Do I have to do anything else?


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