Can I implement solidworks tutorial in Inventor?

Im not SW or Inventor user, but want learn it, currently I only available to learn Inventor and do not have access to SW, but my question, can I implement solidworks tutorial in youtube to Inventor?
Thanks :D

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It depends. The techniques, if not in all cases, is something you can take with you from any modelling tutorial. The tools that you may need to implement will not be the same. For example, you can almost follow 1:1 tutorials of Fusion 360 and implement them in SolidWorks but the tools are named different. It also depends what kind of tutorials you are talking about. Some tutorials are specific to the CAD Software and you may not be able to recreate them.

Additionally, I am pretty sure you can find lot of inventor tutorials online and help from their forum too. :)

Good luck and have fun.

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