can i use a truck, car, ...3'd model to design parts?

can i use a truck, car, ...3d's model to design parts like winch bumpers, flat decks, all kinds of parts like these? how do they design aftermarket parts? do they need to use a real truck to measure off of or for the most part can you source 3d models on line to download? just wonering how the pros do it.

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Most manufacturers of commercial vehicles in Europe (pick-ups, medium duty trucks, heavy duty trucks etc) usually have a marketing group that will provide body builder drawings that are readily available. These can be used to design body structures. Depending on how valid they think your request is they can quite often supply simplified CAD data for you to work with.

Other than that you look at current products and design your own version by measuring the parts you can get your hands on.

You can use the models you download, but as Jeff advises, you don't know how accurate the models are that you are downloading

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aftermarket parts are based off of the original but are more readly available to the consumer. so the size is the same for like say, holes,bolts nuts, etc etc. but are at a lower price by most aftermarket companys. this not always true though, some aftermarket parts are better than the original design. when you design a part I would advise getting the dimensions your self, unless you trust some one you don't know.

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thanks, very helpfull
i found gm, dodge, ford, freightliner... bodybuilding or upfitting guides on google
they are from the manufactuers

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