Can Solidworks be used to create renders as those one created in 3ds Max

what rendering tools are in solidworks that create beauty of the model without exporting it into other softwares?

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Solidworks include a rendering engine called photoview 360, easy to use, which works properly with objects no too big , for indoor renders. It is not as powerfull as Maxwell or 3DS.

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can You render your scene/object in Solidworks as well as in 3DS Max?

I would be willing to wager that it comes down to an issue of plug-ins, but internal render in 3DS Max is being used as stand alone for much Arch Viz and game texture etc. I haven't heard much about "I rendered this in Solidworks!" as opposed to every $ model site has either .max files or .3ds.

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3Ds Max can definitely take a rendering much further than the internal SW rendering engine. But you add maxwell into the mix or Modo and then ya got something worth looking at....

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