Can someone tell me how to import attached STP / STL file as a solid body object?

Using 2019 SWX, I've been unsuccessful getting a solidbody part file. Am getting surface only. Don't know how to make modifications to it. Files are attached here.

Accepted answer

Try this. There was a missing surface in the tab area, once that is constructed, it knits and forms a solid just fine.

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sorry but valve-cap.stp is a volume model our should be one, greets leo

what i have seen zour step is a not standard conform step model.
btw, why is this path in java notation and what software did create the model, to help zou further?

i have an idea, please let me now the details.

FILE_NAME('C:\\Users\\SCW_User\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\Alibre Design\\export-CDD5FF05-7B2E-441A-94F2-6F64873890C2.stp',

greets leo

You could download a step viewer able to view this data, its on

3d Viewer...