Can you help me for a modeling model.

I'm like modeling a Wind turbine but i'm not coming a modeling this
Can you me for a modeling thank you

The first picture is my Sketch
The second picture is that's what I'm like modeled

Or propose me tips
Thank you

3 Answers

Do you mean something like that

Hows this
Wind Gen

to make the main body follow the following steps:-
1. make a circle on the right plane and exrude it as per given thickness.
2. then make a circle on any of the sides of the newly formed cyllinder, and another circle of the required diameter at the given distance by creating a new right plane.
3. draw a guide path on the front plne, and then use the loft boss/base feature where the profiles selected would be the 2 new circles, and the guide path would be the one made recently.
4. to make the handle. project the required surface area, by creating a sketch on a new plane. now create the lower cross section of the handle on a new plane at the required distance from the tip, and then loft the two new edges made. extrude cut the required edge/pattern on the handle.
5. project a circle on the front part of the generator, and make another circle on a new plane and then loft the two circles.

By these steps you gt the main body of your product. Further detailing would be required. i hope this was useful to you