Can't find external references

Hi everyone,
Lately I can't seem to be able to locate external references on any part in an assembly. I have been trying to break references on certain parts so that I then can edit them without any other parts following suit or disturbing the original. When I right click on a part in the feature tree the "List external references" link isn't even there! Therefore I can't break any references! I have been getting around this by copying parts outside of the assembly and then editing them. Can anybody tell me what's going on here? Please excuse any confusion in my explanation, very tired, I'm off to bed now!

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Hi Z3
I am not an SW user but since no one has helped with your problem I went and done a search I do hope this helps you a little until someone that does use SW can help you out with hopefully a better solution

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Reset your settings. When something doesn't even show up it's an indication of a corrupted registry key. Let me know if you need a tutorial on the reset.

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Yeah Rohit thanks for your help, I've never done a reset so any help would be appreciated.

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Thanks very much Rohit, it seems to have worked! I owe you a beer!

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