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Catia Drafting

By Brylle on 15 Jul 03:25 2 answers 0 comments

Hi, I'm new in catia drafting workbench. I want my units to be in mm. My pagelayout is in ISO. As shown in the figure below it displays .33 (I dont know what unit is that) I want to display 8.5mm instead. how can I do it? Thanks in advance

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2 answers

  • özgür kesebir
    özgür kesebir over 4 years ago

    it is inch. check the dimension properties (right click to dimension or select and press alt+enter)-->value-->format-->description.

  • 8a6f573c
    8a6f573c over 4 years ago

    or you could do everything that özgür kesebir sad (properties -->value), just go to "Fake Dimensions", chose alphanumerical and type whatever you want :D

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