Circular parts profile problem

Hello community!!
I again ask for your help in order to figure out this problem. As seen bellow in the attachements, i want to recreate this parts from 0 and i encouter a problem regarding on how to create this profiles.
If some one knows how to make this, I would very much appreciate it.

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2 Answers

First picture can be build with 2 shaft 1 symmetry and one pad. (no fillet needed)

Second picture can be build with 2 shaft and one fillet. If you want to add threads as seen as picture you need extra 1 rib to create teeths.

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In first picture red show shaft axis. Green and light blue are shaft sections. Make symmetry green shaft. And orange is pad. You will need pocket or hole for this also.

In second picture. Red and pink show axis which are perpendicular tu each other. Light green and yellow shows shaft sections. And green arrow is fillet.

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