CNC Router

Hi I am a student

I myself want to make a 1000x1200mm length 1 cnc router

which stepper motor is enough for me

I do not have much information

if you help

thank you


Merhaba ben bir öğrenciyim

Ben kendim 1000x1200mm uzunluk 1 cnc router yapmak istiyorum

hangi step motor benim için yeterli

Fazla bilgim yok

yardım edersen

teşekkür ederim

2 Answers

I think you'll need more information before choosing a motor.
At what linear speed will the head move?
What will be the mass of the head and tooling.
What friction needs to be overcome?
What power source will drive the motor?
What gearing, or drive system will connect the motor to the head?
How will the motor mount to the system?

I'd start by looking at some Do It Yourself router kits. They have already sized and specified motors for the design. If you need something larger or smaller, then at least you have a starting point.