complex simulation in solidworks

hi guys,
i am working on a school project and it involves design a small car and making a prototype (design mostly based on steering mechanism). However, i will like to make an animation of my assembly running with all the gears and cam system and also maneuvering around fixed pylons.

1-is this possible using Solidworks, and how do i do it?
2- if it is not, can i use another CAD software like Inventor, Solidedge etc.
3- if its not possible to use CAD, which software would you recommend i use, giving my crunch for time (easy and fast to learn)

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I have used the Motion Study section within SOLIDWORKS to show the animation/flow/articulation of said assemblies. Its somewhat easy to use and can convey what you are trying to show while panning around your project. The only drawback is its a little more time consuming than maybe other software but thats what has worked for me.

Hope that helps

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