complicated drawing

Hello everyone, I'm taking Autodesk inventor course and the teacher gave me a complicated task to do, I tried my best but didn't know how, anyone can give some hints or send me a similar drawing ?
I uploaded my drawing, please guys check it out and help me if it's possible.

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from front and side view what i can see is metal cutter

It looks like yore tasked with some sort of pulley assembly. Do you have the details for the other components? If not, there's not much you can do with the given drawing other than assemble the parts.

Raafat Alkontar: did you uploaded your drawing? What is your doubt?

It is cristal clear: this is a compensatory pulley (redress/equalize), used to guide steel cables.

Thumbs up for Lucian, it sounds like he knows exactly what it is. But, what it is/does only helps a little bit.

The drawing seems a bit vague if that is all you have to work with.
You're task is to redraw this item in 3D?
To do so you'll need to make your best guess at some of the dimensions, or simply trace over what has been provided.

Step 1. Look at the drawing and determine how many parts need to be made.
Step 2. Decide how to build the model(s). Will you make a single part with multiple bodies, or build each piece, then form an assembly? I'd likely just do multi bodies, but I'm lazy.
Step 3. What part will you start with? I'd start with the angle bracket.

If you have already given this a try, post what you've made so we can see where it went wrong. No sense in somebody else recreating the work you've already done.

I would start building a multi body part. Use the image as reference. Place th image on each plane (xy, yz, xz)

As the sketch is in scale of 1:2 , rescale the images by factor 2.

There are some tutorials explaining the process of rescaling images.