Configurations in Solidworks not updating in higher level assemblies

Traditionally our company would create new assemblies for any variation in an assembly. This is time consuming, particularly when an update is required.
I am trialing the use of configurations, but have come across a few issues that Solidworks can't seem to handle.

Here's where it's at:
The first "part" is an assembly which is driven by a layout sketch, with a weldment that has internal references to the layout sketch to drive the configurable steelwork, and parts mated to the layout sketch to locate them. This assembly has 9 configuration, and on it's own it works perfectly.

When this "part" is dropped in to a larger assembly the configurations don't update correctly.
I have tried the basics, rebuilding, opening lower levels, changing the configurations and rebuilding them, etc.
Is this a Solidworks problem?
What have others done to get around this?
Is the 2012 version any better in this area? (and yes, I am using a legal copy)

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2 Answers

What you could do (it is a work around):

1) Change the part (or even a sub-assembly) outside of the "larger assembly" as you would normally do. (and save)
2) Open the "larger assembly". Right-click on the part you changed in (1) and click on the arrows pointing down, this will give more options.
3) Choose "replace components", click browse and choose the part in question.

If the changes weren't too severe, there is a big chance that even the mates will stay in place.

Good luck!

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I have a similar problem with a configurable subassembly (with 12 configurations) which switches correctly when testing those different configurations, but does not update when used multiple times in the top assembly.

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