Convert an lwo file into a useable solidworks model

Hi, I have downloaded a file of a Vauxhall Vivaro from the internet as I'm looking to buy one and want to convert into a campervan. The reason I want a model is so I can model different concepts and play around with the layouts to see if its feasible before going ahead.

Only problem I have when I convert the lwo into a stl file its opens as a graphic only, so I cant take dimensions or model onto it; I basically cant do anything at all its just a pretty graphics model. I have tried changing the import options to solid body or surface body but it fails to import as there are too many surfaces apparently...

I have seen in the past people have converted the lwo file using some other software (unsure what?) to allow people to then model/play around with it in solidworks. I'm aware the surface can become a bit poor and not smooth but not too bothered about the outside I just want the inside so I can model units and a bed etc then play around with different concepts and layouts.

Anyone able to help me out :)

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That's what I would expect with an STL file.

Try converting it to .step instead.

A quick google of 'convert .lwo to .step' shows some promising links.

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Thanks for your reply, I tried a step file also but it didn't work for me...

Most of the links I try (all the free online ones) frustratingly all seem to offer many output file but not STEP. most offer the following stl. stlb. dae. obj. 3ds. ply. etc

When I finally thought I found one that converted it I got a error message saying 'No solid data in file' :(

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Exporting and importing between platforms can be tricky because the settings can be a real hassle to get right. I'm unfamiliar with .lwo format but perhaps there's settings for outputting the .lwo that left it without any 3d data. Maybe it's a setting in the conversion that stripped the info and even the import program may have something toggled on or off that needs to be otherwise. Nature of the beast.

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