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I'm using SW student edition. Could someone friendly GrabCAD'er convert my spoke rim assem to .stl for rendering purposes.

Sincerely, Leo

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Thank You great GrabCAD'ers. That was fast.

- Leo -

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With the student version you should still be able to convert your files. When you have your part or assembly Oppenheimer in SolidWorks, just go to 'file' 'save as' then under the file name there is a drop down where you can choose the file type. .stl is an option. There is also an options button that will then show up to give more options, like if you are converting an assembly, you can choose to save each part as a separate STL or make the assembly into a single STL part.

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I want to convert an stl file to sldprt but solidworks says 2011 student edition says that the "part" have to many faces. Any help with this topic?

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. stl is in your profile, model "Jaguar rim" now :)

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