convert words to 3d

hello please anyone help me to make those words into 3d model ?
autotrace feature wont works on my solidworks
see photo attached below

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Here's my 15 minute try. You can play with and/or replace the splines in sketch1 to adjust to your liking, but this should be close and give you an idea how to manually construct a cad model from an image.

"artsy" stuff isn't my gig, so it might not be good enough for what you're trying to do.

-edit to replace cad files and images, I did a 2nd version with sketched text in 'century schoolbook' font, not sure if that's the right one, but it looks much sexier than my spline trace fakery.

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Depending on the planned use, the original logo is of too low a resolution to be easily converted into a good vector file.
Recreating the model with fonts as Robert has is a great and easy option.
If you have a much larger, or higher dpi image to start with, it could be cleanly converted as well.

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Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw convert fonts "truetype" into vector. It is enough to export them in dxf to find them in SW. This method is that of all graphic designers. Corel has a very efficient tracing utility but when the work is not too heavy it is better to redraw with SW. In any case, personally I only draw circles of arcs, so that all the machines can import the trace. I only use splines when the required output permits.

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