Converting an existing file here?

I am in need of some representation of a hydraulic scissor lift table of which I saw a few different options here. My question remains, how do I convert or make these files able to be opened in CATIA? Usually I am used to using a STEP file or .stp file that opens quite nicely in CATIA. It looks like much of the one model is aw was created in "SolidWorks".

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2 Answers

Post a link to the model you like, and a friendly solidworks user would save it as a step file for you.

dea has a nice one: scissor lift but it is not hydraulic.

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Dear Frederick Siegele,

In solidworks you might able to save as CATIA (cgr) or any other standard formats like IGES, STEP which can be opened in CATIA.

if you want you model to converted upload it i can convert it for you

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