Create a solid or surface model from 3d scan


I've got a 3d scan of a canon 1100d. The model is built with imported Curves. However, for some reason there are holes al over the model. Is there a way to convert the model into a solid (or surfaces) without the holes. The model doesn't need to be very detailed so if there is a quick fix for the basic shapes that would be just fine. Thanks a lot!


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If you are just interested in the basic shape you can always use the curves as a guide for the shape of the model. Then you can make your own sketches and go about recreating the model this way.

The main issue is the quality of these imported curves are very poor and as you said just riddled with holes.

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You might be able to reduce the file-size and hence the computing-load by creating a simple Revolved Base from the known dimensions of the original Cannon's barrel and then adding solid-components to this as an assembly. The 'components' would be smaller sub-sets of the scanned cloud made into solid objects representing the various 'adornments' moulded into the cast-iron surface of the original cannon.

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