creating an extrusion using two different angles in solidworks

I am trying to create an extrusion cut, through a cylinder. the hole is positioned from end of the cylinder to a point on a surface of the cylinder.
The hole has to be 45 degrees to the axis of the cylinder, and 25 degrees to a tangent of the cylinder.
I have no idea how to create such feature, i was trying to create a plane that would allow me to, but i am having a really hard time.
It is really important that the center of the hole, will intersect the tangent of the cylinder at specified distance from the bottom or top of the cylinder.
I am kindly asking for help

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7 Answers

Mike, Take a look at this part, it is not exactly the same but close. I created a 3d sketch to establish a plane at the right angles. Then used Extrude Cut for the hole

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i also created a plane (using 3d sketch) that is perpendicular to the direction of the cut, so the cut will be a circle not an ellipse.

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The diameter of the hole is constant,

i am attaching little paint drawing,

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Thanks Jeffrey, sure i learned something new from your example. But Sudhir gave me exactly what i was looking for, thank you guys again. I really needed this !

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