Creating related parts

I am pretty new toInventor, and am doing well, considering I am mostly YouTube taught. So, forgive me if this question is pretty basic.

I want to create related parts where I define values that if I update in one part, that value will update in all parts.

For example, say I am designing a house, and the roof, floor, and wall all have a related length (L). How do I create the parts so if I change the value of L, all the parts automatically updated.


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Hoi William,

you can start with a sketch and make a groundplan.
In this plan you draw the periphery from the house.
You can extrude this, so you have a concrete plate to build on.
Save it as Groundplan. ipt
Then you start an assembly and you save it as GroundPlan.iam
Then do " place Component ( p ), so you shoose "Groundplan.ipt" and when it is vissible you do right mouse klick (RMK) and choose "place grounded at origine" ( G)
Then save.
Now you can create a new part' klick on "create" ( left corner ) and then klick on the top site from your part, because you have to select a plane.
then project geometry ( the lines you need from the GroundPlane)
Then draw a rectangle and put some constraints to the projected geometry,
and finisch sketch.
then extrude the rectangle.
Save. Now you wil see a red and bleu arrow befor the part in the three structer on your left side.
This means the part is " adaptive "
When you change the sketch of the groundPlan.ipt, save and do update Groundplane.iam,
you wil see that the rectangle adapted.

This is a extremely simple example, but try is and I think that is wath you are looking for.



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