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I would like to take my cswa in 5 days and just want to know the best tips to take in consideration before taking the exam? Any?

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I think one of the most advanced things about the cswa test is the ability to use reference geometry>plane. If you have that tool under your belt, the solution to the modeling problems will be easy.

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Practice material is provided for the exam:

"There is also a section in the Tutorials included with Solidworks for CSWA and CSWP preparation. That's a great place to start!

Click Help>Solidworks tutorials> CSWP/CSWA preparation tab

You'll find multiple examples to work through which will help you prepare for the exam."

Credit for #2: Robert H. (https://grabcad.com/questions/some-people-can-help-me-with-my-cswa-exam)

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Do a model search in the library for "CSWA" there are many examples. You never know what the actual test might be, but being able to convert those 2D drawings to 3D parts is pretty much the skills you'd need to pass.

Beyond that, there is likely a requirement to know how to measure things like surface area, mass, and center of gravity.

There should also be some requirement to make a model change. So knowing "best practices" for creating sketches, and features will be a big help. If you create a terrible part, and it completely falls apart when making a dimension or feature change, the test is not going to go well.

Maybe check out some of the SolidWorks World Model Mania examples? Those often require a base model which than has a change made.

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