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Deleteing Lines/objects on a Revit Import

By chris downey on 20 Dec 15:34 1 answer 261 views 0 comments

we have created a solidworks model of a piece of plant which we have made, however the customer is now requesting a Revit model for there BIM Database, after investing a lot of time and effort I have found a way to do this (almost do this) by importing the solidworks model into Inventor, and then exporting it to Revit, however when I do this Revit is generating several lines which have no apparent reason, or set location, as you zoom in and out of the model they move about, one end of each line is connected to a point on the model, and it wont let you see where the other end is attached. when I try deleting these lines, the whole model deletes, when i try exploding them, several parts of the model delete, anybody any ideas on what these lines are, or how to remove them? PS, All the software I am using in 2017

1 answer

  • charles
    charles 6 months ago

    first u can convert a dwg file, then u will import.

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