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Greetings all,

in attach is two boat images and I would like to make small scale model of the subject. Would you be kind to direct me on various tutorials where is explain body design (with precise cross sections), how to do frame construction inside, add bolts, as well how to create panel lines on surface.

I am totally new in this world so please accept my apologize if the questions was not properly set.

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Your needs seem so basic that would recommend you begin with the tutorials that are supplied with Inventor. Concentrate on making parts, and assemblies to start with. When you are able to build all of the structural parts, then look into lofts. I believe a loft would be the best tool suits to modeling the hull.
While I'm not really a boat guy, perhaps it would be easier to model the individual boards rather than adding a line to the surface.
Just my 2 cents worth.

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Thank you for reply Kevin :) I will consider all points you have noted :)

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