designers input on my project

Hi, i'm Matt. i'm currently doing an A-level in Design Technology and for my major project i am designing a hard-shell backpack for mountain bikers and skiers. for my project i need a "client" which is where i need some help from the Grabcad community. basically i need someone with expertise in designing, making or even using a backpack for skiing or mountain biking. if you do want to help me then i will send you an email containing some sketches and renders of some CAD i have done and you give me feedback, what you like/dislike. how it can be improved etc. i will also need to put some details about you in the project, so if you could tell me any relevant information about yourself (e.g. worked for ski company/ regularly go mountain biking) it would be appreciated. of course i understand if you don't want to share any information but it will help to prove you're real. so anyway if you could send me a private message or leave a comment if you're interested i will send you the files straight away. unfortunately i cannot pay you for this as i am a student and i am not making any money off this project. so im asking just for someone to help a young aspiring designer, thankyou in advance. Matt :-)

EDIT: sorry for repeat post, grabcad appears to have broken as i did the first one but then fixed itself, and i cant seem to delete this one

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