Differential gear

Any one know any good tutorials on how to make and mate differential gear gears for Auto desk Inventor?

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It would be tricky. I think experimenting with transitional and tangent constraits should do the trick

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With design accelerator create a set of bevel gears for the pinion and ring gear.

Then you shoud edit the ring gear to create rests for the planet gears.

After that using design accelerator again create the first set of bevel gears for one axle shaft. Save the bevel gear's template (the litle disk button on the top roght of the design accelerator screen). Use design accelerator again and load the template to create another set of gears for the other axle shaft.

Then all you have to do is mate the planes of the gears to the planes of the axles to make them work

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Hi Manolis thanks for the in put :)
I have got this far as you can see in the image but was wondering if it would be possible to do my simulation through the use of Dynamic Simulation? as I have never worked with Dynamic Simulation before so don't really know in's and out's of it as nothing I do with my diffs are working.... They are all working in there own Sub Assy but when I am adding them to the MASTER assy and adding other parts I am then getting errors with a lot of stuff and it is all relating back to the Sub Assy with the diffs..... Strange I know!!!

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sir i want learn how to design a differential housing. Could any one of u help me with video tutorial?

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