Dimples that represent rivets on a complex surface

I am modeling an aircraft nose cowling that is entirely a selection of knitted complex surfaces. I now have to add rows of equally spaced rivets along numerous edges and surfaces. The rivets are all the same size and essentially the top of a dome.

As there are so many of these things it would be nice if it was possible to place them in an array of sorts but copy and paste could also work. Or any other solution would also be fine.

I have done extruding to curved surface but this only works for one rivet at a time. I need a way of placing multiple rivets along a path and on different orientations to the surface they will be placed on.

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1 Answer

Please use Copy with Mates command in Assembly Mode. If you know about reference mates please use them too. I had used these features lot of times in Assembly Tools Design.

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