Do you use macros with your CAD package?

I'm interested to know how many of you are using macros that you have installed with your CAD package.


(1) what does your macro do?
(2) did you programmed this one yourself?
(3) how many macros you have running?

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macro is a one command that have a set of commands that is used for any repeatative work.
in my office there are lot of macros & we uses that regulerly.
for example - we have to do some setting for our drawing file like title blok, text size, hight, section view setting, drawing scale etc. then we record that once then when need, we playback that & our setting is done by only a single click.
i use unigraphics nx6

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I am not using macros because I don't need to. If the need arises then I will have to use them.

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We had so many folks looking to do macros and more at our last Solid Edge conference that we decided to offer a full day class this year. If you do CAD all day, automating a few common tasks can really pay for itself.

Now I just need someone to do an automated "download from GrabCAD and load into Solid Edge" macro. That would be cool.

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I asked it before, What is the application of VBA/API?

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I use a number of Add-Ins for Inventor. Mainly IpropWiz, Rectanagle Tools, as well as a couple of others. I haven't written any of my own yet, but plan to start Autodesk's My First Plug-in tutorials soon.

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Anyone have a DraftSight print to PDF macro, I really don't want to open and save as PDF for 100+ drawings...

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