Does anyone know where to learn MATLAB - SIMULINK ?

I guess it doesn't ve much to do about CAd guys but i guess it might be a software that many of you use regularly . So can you guide me ? Maybe some online tutorial set . Or maybe a good resource such as an E-Book . Pls refer me if you've tried it and found it useful ppl :) Thank you . . .

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Thanx a lot for all those links ali . But i guess those are related to cs and it fields . I need MATLAB for SIMULINK in particutar . Esp for SimHydraulics and SimMechanics ! i need to know how to simulate a hydraulic operated mc ! so it consists of hydraulic that operated mechanical linkages ! I've tried searchin but if ya know any good comprehensive resourse it'll be jus gr8 :)

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SIMULINK tutorials:

Matlab university courses:

Introduction to MATLAB from (MIT): Lecture notes, Tutorials, homework and solutions are all available.
2. Introduction to MATLAB programming from University of California,Berkeley
2. Numerical Methods with MATLAB from Portland State University:
3. Introduction to Computing using Matlab from Cornell University:
4. Introduction to Matlab and Mathematica from Caltech

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