Driven Constraints


1 - Engine

2 - Mid diff

3 - Rear diff

4 Front diff

Within each SUB ASSEMBLES - I have them constrained and working the correct way with the use of a DRIVEN CONSTRAINT.

In the master ASSEMBLE that I have included an image of. I am having problems trying to add a DRIVEN CONSTRAINT @ top level so

that all 4 SUB ASSEMBLES will work with each other off the 1 DRIVEN CONSTRAINT is this even possible?

Thank you for any input to resolving this problem.

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2 Answers

Of course it is possible. In this situations I usually mate the planes of the parts I want to be moving.
But what exactly is the problem. Are some parts moving and others aren't? Are the parts fully constraint so the cannot move ore you gen an error message when adding a constranit?

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My first instinct is to suggest that you need to add the drive shafts to the assembly. The physical connections should drive the other assemblies. Don't forget to supress the drivable constrains in all but the engine.
If that doesn't work, add me to the private files. I'll look at them as well.

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