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By Aymerick Jean on 01 Feb 07:57 1 answer 220 views 0 comments

Hello, I'm designing a drone for the exploration of caves and observation of animals in their natural habitat. Yet, I always think I missed something, what kind of features you think would be the best? Should it have legs or wheels? If legs how many?
I know I should put a cable on it to be able to pull it back, i has to be able to hold a camera (GoPro type), a hygrometer, a thermometer.

I feel like it has to be guided via cable to prevent any lost of control if out of bounds for the signal. It's also a security system for the drone.

So I'm asking you kind sirs, do you have any ideas?

1 answer

  • Maaz Sayyed
    Maaz Sayyed 6 months ago

    It depends on the terrain
    Wheel dependent drone can also surf terrain with obstacles,A Paper published on mechanical design journal showed a mechansim that u can use as a base to model ur draone on

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