Dump or dead model to parametric conversion.

Need simple video link or any pdf or images to understand it clearly.
Urgently needed.
May be of some bracket or flanges or pipes.

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My suggestion for adding the history back to a "dumb" model (with no history)
is to rebuild the model manually. Take measurements off the "dumb" model to get the dimensions you need.

This question is not good for "EXPERT" person. From your profile Rahul.

hARD WORKER, good team member..gud skills in Mech CAD.....

expert in catia v5, like to work in GSD( GENERATIVE SHAPE DESIGN)

Tell me Answer...i know i m not expert enough
..you are expert..tell me answer.this platform is for knowledge sharing..not..for judging..

Tell me what you are sharing? A model? A tutorial? Any answer? Any experience?

You can be kind and also Jack Knapp's answer is good.

If i would have something to share ...from my experience..I will definitely do that with polite attitude.
Unfortunately whatever I did professionally which is shared by some people already.
But in future I would like to share my knowledge.
I m down to earth person.
I think answer from jack Knapp not satisfactory,because I have came across different methods for parametric modelling which is employed in big automotive companies which they can't disclose in details to any outsider like me.so u just want to know whether u guys are aware of that methods or not.

I've just launched a new course on PARAMETRIC DESIGN in CATIA.


It's comprehensive course with multiple examples so if you are interested just give it a try.