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Dynamic/flexible spline/sweep in Inventor

By Leo Kiviluoma on 15 May 16:32 3 answers 2 comments

I have eight gray "bullets" and some barrels. Bullets and barrels have 3D contact joint. In assembly I try to make new part. Idea is that new part is a spline following highlighted edges of bullets. Pic 1 and 2 show how I want the spline to behave.

BUT when I do the 3D spline it locks all the bullets and I can not move them and have spline following edges of the bullets as in pictures.

What am I missing. Please. Must say I have read helps of adaptive work points all day.

Added images

Square Square

3 answers

  • Stefan-Karol
    Stefan-Karol 5 months ago

    Hi Leo,
    I downloaded your nama.rar file.
    I found Inventor files.
    I can not open them with SolidWorks.
    Best regards,

  • 1d181f7c
    1d181f7c 5 months ago

    Invertor are used in all fields if it is in electrical,mechanical,medical,chemical,thank you for your information.

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