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Hello friends
I am a Tunisian student in applied electromechanical license, I am currently in the phase of the PFE, my project consists in realizing a model of elevator ordered by automaton, so I have to go through mechanical, electrical design, manufacture and finally programming .
I am now in the phase of choosing the necessary equipment: for the lifting of the cabin I have chosen to use a system: motor + pulley + cable (brake), now I need to choose the suitable electric motor or motor, So that it is not big enough and its speed is not great: I have assumed that the travel of the cabin is of the order of 60cm, 0.6m guided along a V-rail ),
So if can help me thank you to reply me by messages, file, video
Likewise for capacitive, inductive, or infrared cabin position sensors, etc.)
Thank you, I await your answers

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2 Answers

Perhaps a stepper motor would give you good speed and position control of the elevator, allow you some programmability, and might work without the need of cabin position sensors, because you could count the 'steps'.

Or maybe a low rpm dc gear motor.

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Servo motors aren't a bad choice with the use of prox sensors to determine floor position. Might be a bit expensive though.

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