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exploded view of engine for solid works

By jesse b on 20 Mar 02:13 1 answer 0 comments

I have done to the best of my abilities an exploded view of a 5 cylinder radial model airplane engine. Where i need help is someone doing an exploded view of the rear of the engine "gear case" for me. parts are saved as "step," "Iges," etc... I would like to soon start machining parts to mkae a functioning engine and have recently purchased over 50 pages of engineering drawings with all necessary measurements to machine from billet.
Morton M5 exploded view


Morton M5_stp.prt, 20.2 MB

1 answer

  • Mike Borune
    Mike Borune over 1 year ago

    Hello, now use your CAD not to create your designs but to ‘explode’ them!
    3D design softwares create a three dimensional design of your machines or other creations in the computer. They allow you to view your creations not just in a single angle but in all the angles you want as you see in the REAL world. Be it from the right or the left or the top or the bottom and even from inside the machine!

    Exploded view of CAD now gives you a chance to ‘explode’ your creation from the inside. This disassembles all the parts of your machine from domes to rods to even nuts and bolts.

    Using this 3D software you can zoom into the very small nuts on your machine and ‘unscrew them’! Not just the screws but even the bolts and washers from the screws too.

    You can ‘push out’ the domes from the machine onto the side of your choice around the machine space. Unbuild your machine as does a mechanic, all in this virtual world.

    Rotate the machine in the ‘space’ and now start dissembling the machine on the other side all with just a click of your mouse.

    An exploded view depicts you or your customers the inside of your machine, the assembly of all its parts and even the minute screws inside it! True to its name, the exploded view of this 3D software explodes the machine from the inside and spreads out the machinery around the machine space as if a small bomb is placed in the inside of the machine!

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