Export STP files to Obj format?

I been Using Moi 3d trial to export STP files to CAD FILES. The software gives the user more control poly count . Also a feature to use N-gons that help for less polygons over all. The quality of the export is a lot better then other softwares i used. The softwares have a hard time exporting organic CAD. I wanted to see if anyone new of a software that similar to Moi. Thank you

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I have not used Moi (infact, hearing it for the first time now). But my "Go To" software for converting STEP into OBJ,STL or VRML, etc is FreeCAD. Maybe that helps.

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I have FreeCAD but for i am looking for the quality is not there. Organic Models loose a lot of there detail in the conversion. I forgot mention int he question. I need the model for texturing. Having crazy amount of triangles make it hard to unwrap. thanks

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Try using MeshLab, you can remesh using the quadratic decimation and reduce the poly count. The comprise of quality is also not very high.

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