Feed Rate Doesn't Remain constant in HeidenHain 5 Axis program while using TCPM or M128 code.

i am trying to machine a workpiece which is a 5 Axis Job. I am using Skymaster 5 Axis machine with HeidenHain control.

With the code M128 or Function TCPM my machine doesn't run on the constant feed rate which i given as 250mm/min.

It runs on below the said feedrate and remain veriable i.e 30mm/min to 150mm/min while using A-Axis and C-Axis.

Effects of this slow feed rate is a consumption of a lot of time.

For example if Nx Estimates time for a workpiece 30minuts my machine will take 2 hours for machining the same workpiece.

My questions are for you guys

How i can keep constant feedrate while machining a workpiece(5Axis) in Heidenhain control?

Is there any option in NX cam to keep feedrate constant for using Heidenhain control?

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2 Answers

You need to use the F CONT function.

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thanks for reply i have tried FCONT while finishing turbine blades on 5 Axis machine but machine shows the same behaviour. On control panel it display veriable and below then given feedrate. I am still unable to understand on which ratio my machine is calculating the feed rate and displaying on control panel.

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