I need to design fixture for this thin part . The part is only 1 inch length and 0.25 in ch thick. There is slot in the middle. The wall thickness is 0.1. What type of fixture should i design for this small part.

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What is the part going to be made out of? Looks like it could be some type of extrusion.
What kind of quantities are you working with?
What repeatability do you need?
What tool or machine is the fixture going to be used in tandem with? Will it go in a CNC and machine it out of a plate?

The more detail you are able to provide the better.

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I would look into getting laser cut. I don't know much about laser cutting providers in your part of Canada, but here in Christchurch New Zealand There would be several laser cut service providers that could give me a good price for 1 off to thousands off.

For making large quantities punching with a progressives punch and die would be worth looking into. Machining parts would be slow. To beat laser cut price would be only with large quantities punched.

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